Handmade Zig-Zag notepad bound with an exclusive cyanotype.


Shipping to United States: $29.77

"My Pocket Cyan" Soulful Notepad.
A special day, comfortable shoes that wrap your feet and a moment that invites you to walk.
What's missing?
A small notepad to write or draw your feelings and thoughts.
You don't want to ruin that ride with a soulless pad!

Well, to make your ride unforgettable I have created the "My Pocket Cyan"

It is a small handmade notebook measuring approximately 11x15cm., bound with an original and unique cyanotype created with natural posidonia leaves from the Mediterranean Sea, on 300gr cotton watercolor paper. The interior is a 14-page accordion-type Leporrello, folded with 200gr chlorine-free white paper.

In life, we need to pause and, that's what becomes deliberate when we do each cyanotype. With the manual process of creating each slowly you see that time is more important than a digital click and, I think, that's the kind of passionate photography I like to do: the intimate union between the objects you put on paper, trust in the chemical process, and sunlight. All this to achieve unique cyanotypes that embrace the leporello/accordion creating a unique notepad to accommodate your most intimate thoughts.

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