Lumen Photography


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Analog solivigraphy: This 508x610mm light photography is unique and is made of sunlight without using any kind of camera and is based on Henry Fox Talbot techniques of the early 19th century.
This technique involves putting a plant element on photosensitive paper and then exposing it to direct sunlight. Solivigraphies follow the same process but incorporate red wine between the plant element and photosensitive paper before exposing it to the sun. The incorporation of a liquid element creates organic lines and spaces with different intensities and incorporates a certain shade of wine into the paper. The result is unique and unrepeatable images where composition and detail coexist with the organic movement caused by wine during the exhibition.

Dimensions: 508x610mm
Made on ILFORD photographic paper.
Limited edition to 1 unique copy, signed and dated.
The solivigraphy will be sent to you without a frame* properly protected in a rigid tube to ensure it reaches your hands perfectly.
(* framed image is example only)
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